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Honey Bliss Slime, DIY Slime 🌠
This is not just a slime; it's a sensory symphony that transports you to a realm of sweetness and luxury

Texture: Golden Clear Slime + Clay Honeycomb Topper. Blended is Butter Slime
Scent: Honey
Level: Intermediate
Size: 8OZ

Indulge your senses in the delectable world of STEM Nation's "Golden Honey Bliss Slime," a tantalizing honey-style slime that captivates with its clear gold brilliance, adorned with golden glitter, charming bear charms, and a honeycomb-shaped clay topper. This is not just a slime; it's a sensory symphony that transports you to a realm of sweetness and luxury.

🍯 Golden Radiance: Immerse yourself in the warm, golden glow of this clear honey slime, shimmering with the richness of golden glitter. It's a visual feast that mirrors the luscious hues of pure honey, inviting you to explore its golden depths.

🧸 Adorable Bear Charms: Delight in the whimsy of miniature bear charms nestled within the honeyed embrace of "Golden Honey Bliss Slime." These adorable companions add a touch of playfulness to your tactile adventure, making each interaction a delightful surprise.

🍯 Honeycomb Elegance: The honeycomb-shaped clay topper crowning this creation transforms it into a sumptuous butter slime. As you knead and mould, the clear gold slime seamlessly blends with the honeycomb clay, creating a luxurious, buttery texture that's as spreadable as it is delightful.

🌪️ Swirl-Worthy Harmony: Revel in the mesmerizing swirls that effortlessly form with each graceful movement of your hands. "Golden Honey Bliss Slime" responds with a swirl-worthy dance, allowing you to sculpt intricate patterns that mirror the mesmerizing dance of honey in a hive.

🌈 Pillowy Softness: Experience the irresistible pillowy softness as you dive into the plush folds of this slime. The buttery feel enhances the sensory journey, making it a tactile delight that soothes and captivates with every touch.

✨ Sensory Opulence: "Golden Honey Bliss Slime" goes beyond being a mere slime; it's a sensory opulence that combines the allure of gold, the sweetness of honey, and the playfulness of charming bears. The result is a spreadable, swirl-worthy, pillowy masterpiece that elevates your sensory experience to new heights.

Embark on a journey of tactile luxury with "Golden Honey Bliss Slime" – where STEM Nation's craftsmanship transforms clear gold slime into a sumptuous buttery delight, offering a sensory escape that is truly honeyed perfection. 🍯🧸✨

Honey Bliss Slime, DIY Slime, Clear Slime + Honeycomb Clay Topper

£11.00 Regular Price
£8.25Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax

  • • Wash your hands with cool water before playing
    • Never mix food and slime; it will cause mould
    • Keep slime in an airtight container when you’re not using it
    • Check in on your slime regularly; if you leave it alone for months, the compound changes so make sure you maintain by treating it based on how it feels (see tips below)
    • If your slime feels sticky, use activator (available in a spray bottle in our shop; add 3-5 sprays if it’s a little sticky and more if it’s super sticky; it’s a science so you have to add bit by bit and test the slime along the way)
    • If you add too much activator, slime will overactivate and get hard and rippy (it will soften over time or you can speed up the process; see below)
    • If your slime feels rippy and hard, it may need to warm up; try holding it in the palm of your hand and running warm to hot water over it (not so hot that it will burn) for 5-10 seconds (continue until soft)
    • If it is not softening, add a little bit of lotion (unscented is best if you don’t want to impact the smell) and mix thoroughly
    • Slime inflates as you stretch (it fills with air); store the overflow in another airtight container or even a zip lock bag until it all deflates

    🦄 How to play 🦄

    Slime is hand-made and artisanal. Squeezing is known to release tense muscles associated with stress. Playing with it has a soothing feeling. Small parts are a choking hazard. Keep away from infants and pets (sofas, clothing and hair too).

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